Couples without Troubles Advanced(MYMA)

Couples without Troubles Advanced (MYMA)

-This course is an advance level presented as a course for parents having already one child or more and didn’t get any training before to manage their parenting and so managing their relationship together and toward their child/ren
-How it works:
 Personalized planning for each couple, and so this course is 1-1 classes where number of classes depends on each couple time, the planned program and their understanding for the course and ability to apply it. Usually 14 hours are recommended.
-What they will learn:
Identify their relationship before and after having children
Refresh this relation
Knowing each other’s needs
It will include tips from (MYM course)
Planning their program.
-This course can be provided as tele-classes, online, or on the spot*.
*For on the spot: location and refreshment to be provided by the host client.
*First meeting with you is obligatory that will help to:
 1-Decide if you need this course.
2-We have the right to accept/refuse serving you this course depending on our terms and conditions.