101 parenting


This is a comprehensive course ever, as it is designed for each parent alone. It is designed for parents who:

*Melting down by their child’s demands, tantrums…etc.

*Worry about child‘s behavior, performance at school

*Parents losing their temper and want to know reasons and resolve it.

*Worry about their child’s bullying or that your child being under bullying pressure

*Want to have more disciplined, cooperated children, a family where everyone trusts each other and put it members on the top of it priorities.

*Any other challenges that you can face in raising up your children.

-The whole package for parenting needs 3 months of attending (2hours /week).

***For booking:

*Groups -Number of attendees (maximum 10-12 mothers).

*One to One- you can book for tele-class, online or face to face.