Me-Her relationship


This is the perfect course ever for Moms and their daughters to build the healthy, trust relationship.

This includes10-12hours as following:

Class 1 (0-8 y phase)-(4 hours)

Class 2(8y-teen phase).-(4 hours)

Class 3 (Me and Her together), where you bring her to the class (2 hours).

Extra 2 hours if you missed phase 1.

As trust relation begins from early years you can attend one or both classes regarding to the age of your daughter to start building this trust.

Extra two hours will be added for the attendees of the class two to compensate what they already skipped when their daughters were younger.

***SO your total hours are counted as shown:

- Class 1 - (4 hrs.)

-Class 2- (4hrs.)

-The whole course - (8-10hrs.).

***Duration- (2 hrs. /week).

-Class 1 – (2 weeks).

-Class 2 – (2weeks).

-The whole course-(4-5weeks)