How to get pregnant with nutrition course


This comprehensive course is designed to help pre-married women, post married trying to get pregnant. It is designed to help those want to know the tricks and benefits that you can use from nutrition to enhance their pregnancy chances naturally.


Who can attend?

Any woman who wants to get pregnant and want to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and a healthy outcome baby.

Any woman who is trying to get pregnant but it doesn’t work even she and her husband are medically healthy.

What you will learn:

You will discover the relation between your kitchen-stomach and pregnancy .

**Unlike the workshop this course is one to one course where the client get comprehensive education, privacy, time space and following up which will help her to change her body nutrition toward having a baby.

*Duration: 6 months (1 hour/week).

This duration is perfect for pre-married (engaged ones) who want to save time and get pregnant direct after they get married.

**You can share this course only with 2-3 friends in same course if you want to get a discount or to be encouraged.


*When registering:

- You are responsible for all the information you provide. As you know that this workshop is neither a medicine nor solution but it will provide you with valuable information that helped many before you.

-You will be asked to do some laboratory test before attending (will be needed for the course).

-Location and refreshments provided by the client.