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 In 2010 I started this passion after giving birth for my first son a year before, as my major is in nutrition science, I decided to use it in different way -something we don't have-. So I created a special educational health and nutrition program dealing mainly with three main tiers (children, parents and schools).I registered it in the national library of Jordan. 

It aims to educate them about healthy lifestyle, healthy food, importance of physical activity and the most important that it came in a different unique way concentrating on the phrases of (HOW TO APPLY NUTRITION) not only depending on   giving the information,  it depends on how to apply this information.  

I bonded nutrition with psychology to know how to deal with children and convince them.  Then I found that Parents do need more effort to change their thinking in treating their children. 

Working with children having one or more of autism spectrums increased my passion to help families and parents.



As it started with my son who inspired me either in nutrition and how to arrange meal’s time, new food recipes..etc. Or in dealing with every growth phase he was going through  , then deciding to help other families .When I worked with them I found parents don’t know how to deal with their children, then I found a conflict between the mother and the father in the way everyone is  adopting to raise  those children.

Finding that  good communication skills are my talent  beside being  a good reader, researcher, thinker and have my own logic in raising my children which I reflected on others, so I proceed  more throughout  my workshops and a series of lectures which helped many. I decided finally to make this work my goal, with more studies and to become certified in this field(s) to make it real and more official. And I’m happy that I helped many parents even those who became parents before me and have children older than mine, parents who -from the perspective of other people-should have more experience , this insure the old believe that wither in parenting or something else (practicing and more practicing with knowledge is your experience not the time neither years). Years can only count depending on what you have doing during these years.

***I did many voluntary work with schools, nurseries and presented radio life shows beside my awareness workshops, writing articles in some magazines and being introduced in others....and more to talk about. 

I’m proud to announce this work in a form of academy to be the first academy in Jordan  that emphasises on family, parenting, children, family love, respect, family grow . It provides females with special care as she is the one who will plant and grow these seeds in another form of family when she starts her own journey.



It is the first  and only academy in the MIDDLE EAST.



I did study at many schools, and gain knowledge from well-known Scientists/psychologists, read a lot of books. I get the best of international approved certifications that give me the official permission to be a practitioner in this field,



 I am not a representative to any other institute/organization, Am looking to  have my own path, thoughts, principles that I worked on for a long time matching our cultures, our beliefs, am looking to have PCS’s name as a reference for others to study from us.

I welcome you to join my workshops, lectures, courses, sessions, 1-1 sessions which are provided through online, tele-service or on the spot (face – face). To help you educate yourself, your daughter, manage your marriage; choose the right career, husband and future. How to get pregnant with nutrition. And more to explore at this site..


Who can attend? 

Pre-married/married couples 
Schools (teachers, caregivers), Organizations, institutes like to seek our help and use our name to train their employees which will help them to look more professional and educated to spread their work.

 ***All private sessions are confidential.

***All group classes are confidential where we ask attendees not to mention their last names at the class respecting their information they could provide during the class.


Best yet to come 


Founder and Director of PCA