unconvincing prohibition-asnswers

Child: Can I participate in the school party?


Child: Why

Mum:Just No

Child: I want to know why just  No

Mum: Because it's No



And it continues till she blows out with anger 

You are annoying me , you don't respect my words, time, You are  impolite…etc.


Dear Mum, 

Let me help you in this. Am not asking you to give him your permission, am asking you to give him a reasonable excuse for your NO.


Many examples can be given similar to this one, a boy asking for a piece of  information and we do not answer what he's looking for,  we don't convince our children. I’m not saying that you should know all the answers but at least be brave to say that you don't know it then you will convince them.


It will never take time, what you are doing is a time wasting with a final conclusion for your son that you don't care about him, that he's a source for annoyance , that he's everything you mentioned at the end of this conversation. 


Parents PLEASE be patient and remember it's not their problem and it will never be.