why she's behaving like boys

WHY my daughter is behaving like boys?

Before I give my answer, I have some questions, notes for parents, so my answer can be clear.
1-Because usually it is not a case. And this girl is just having fun and enjoying some types of playing. And you are worrying too much.
2-Ask yourself how did you notice that her behaviors are like boys, why did you judge that she is like boys?
3-What behaviors you expect usually from boys?  From  girls?
4-Take inconsideration her age before make it a case.

Usually every case is a special case. But generally parents are a part of this…WHY?
Once we have children we put some expectations about their personalities regarding to their gender, and we expect them to act regarding to these expectations. We raise boys in a different way we raise girls. We expect boys to play loud for instance and they can play also some of what we may call (boyish games), where we expect girls to be more emotional, gentle. And to play quietly.
We forget that they don’t know yet their gender, they are following their primitiveness for discovering, we can see a boy opening kitchen‘s cabinets, and we can see a girl running fast and laughing loud.
In extreme cases where you can see a girl really looks like boys, or a boy looks like girls, we forget ourselves when we did encourage those behaviors with some laugh or comments till she started to think(or believe) that she’s a boy. Young children still don’t recognize their genders, all what they know is to follow their sense to play and enjoy their lives.

You as parents did reinforce this to some degree, sometimes this girl could hear you saying that (she’s like boys- and she starts to direct her attention and focus to notice who are boys, what they do and finally imitating them. What was considered only a play is now a considerable issue for parents as she starts to behave, wear, talk, and imitate their lifestyles.
-    Let you children play what they want as long as they don’t harm themselves or anyone around.
-    Don’t judge them.
-    Ask for advice only from someone specialist in behaviors, child psychology, family therapy and any related fields.
-    Minimize your gender based- bringing up- at early ages.
I always advice not to push girls to play specific toys -girlish toys-such as kitchen tools, dolls, babies, which in my opinion prepares her for a specific roles in the future.  It’s good to know some of her roles in the future but it’s too early also there’s a big gap in the meaning between knowing someone’s’ role or decide his/her role!!!Beside that it’s not only about motherhood role( which I respect),but when I go to any toys shop I find that girls’ toys all around makeup, fashion, and recently spas, nail care, hair coloring, even customs all about Hollywood stars, superstars, cartoon characters..etc.  So it’s all about preparing girls for frothy, unintelligent, and petty roles. Where boys section full of imagination, they can think when playing war technics, they can choose to be a doctor, engineer, even their customs you can find -of Corse beside- batman and superman you can find doctors, inventors and spaceman...etc. I may criticize some of boy’s toys that over emphasize on violence.

In my opinion again don’t blame your girl if she wants some exciting while playing and choose boys toys or actually  what you may see it’s boyish Otherwise we still wonder why most great achievements made by men, we still wonder and negotiate what is better for women, should she stay home, work, will she make a difference  I think the answer now is clear when you go back what was planted in her imagination about her future.

 Also this example can be applied when talking about the bringing up that depends on some qualification related for men and how women are the main transformer for this image(you can read about this in next article).