What does deep listening MEAN?

*What does deep listening MEAN?

Since when we have to add extra term to another just to ensure the importance of what we are talking about. What I  know that listening means listening.  Now we should say deep listening to ensure that you should listen with all your senses,  care and feelings.

*Where Deep Listening makes a difference?

To understand this , we will consider the one who's talking  (the sender) and the one who's listening  (the receiver ).

Any successful communication skill needs a deep listening (from the receiver ),  to ensure that you did receive the right message which will in turn let you response the way expected by the one is talking to you (the sender).

*Why you should response what a sender is expecting?

1-Because it will make him feels that you are interested about him, his problem, subject,  or the idea proposed by him .

2-It will encourage talk more with no guilt.  Which will let him talk more about his ideas (this is very important in work meetings as employees feel more comfortable to share ideas, and create new/better  ones next meeting ).

3-In personal relationships it enhances Bonding between two persons (the sender and receiver ). When you feel sad, angry sometimes you would talk  only to one person,  the one that you are sure will listen without interrupting, without judges, and you without feeling guilt about what you are talking about.

* Where it is more critical?

When the sender is a CHILD, especially if this child is YOUR CHILD.


Because your listening makes a difference

1- You let them know that you are there for them whenever  they need you

2-It will construct  trust between you and them

3- You will be the one they need in their teenage instead of peers

4-They will learn to listen especially when you are the one who's  talking

5-Teaching  them how to listen
 is a golden key you can give them for the skill of communication, and for success as listening is the key that is  used by  most smart people who learned how to collect all data before taking any decision.

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