Can You Translate Your Children's Emotions??? Can You Identify Your Own Emotions???

If your just recognised your own patterns when you have a specific emotions such as anger you can then understand your children's feelings. How you are being pushed or forced to act through your feelings can give you an image about how you are pushing them and forcing them to act what you want not what they feel or want. 
How you can do this?
-If you keep an eye on the frequency,  timing and the link between your thoughts, feelings and action you can recognise your actual feelings and what your actions because of these feelings.  
-Give your self a naming tag for each feelings and help your children to do same.
- You should know that feelings can't be positive or negative, can't be right or wrong,  it's all about the attitude comes out from these  feelings and how we express it. If you learn that then you can help your children to do same and not feeling guilty about their feelings and emotions. 
- Sometimes, or some people can't know that they have specific feeling, can't recognise them or simply don't know how to deal with them. Try to observe situations with your feelings and actions,  how? 
Step 1 :
When....happens, I think,feel or act....
And my children think, feel or act....
Each child shoul be observed  separately as each human being has different range of emotions and how to react accordingto them.
Think about your options of reactions when this situation arise again. 
Step 2 :
After knowing your patterns regarding to your emotions you can move to the next step
Always puase and wait a few seconds before reaction regardless the way you feel. This way you will learn to separate the feelings from reactions. 
Step 3 :
When you do step one and two, now  you can know your goals each time. For example when you're pause at a situation with recognising your feelings, you can think about your goal from this situation which is becoming an awareness of what will happen and so knowing  choices of your actions  
*This title introduced as a personal brief and conclusions from studying EQ parenting