Atoms That Make The Family Molecule

You want to know :

What makes a Real FAMILY ?
How to bond BETTER ? 
Why conflicts ARISE ?
Why some families simply BOND BETTER?  

It is a Unique, Easy digested Parenting Course

A unique course title because it worths this !!!
Family is a Molecule that is formed from essential atoms, you will know how after joining  this course.

Where you will learn :
 - Hidden  mistakes
 - Symbols & Clues for easy and enjoyable      parenting 
- How what goes around comes around is     true in parenting   
- It's never too late to start anytime 
- Better conservation strategies with        children  
** Who can attend ? 
- Any mother seeking a magical tools in  parenting 
- Any mother wants to enjoy a better family  atmosphere 
- Any mother wants to handle her own  parenting dilemmas 
- Mothers of -hard to deal with- children in  all ages
- Mothers of teenagers  

A special program and map designed by Sara Kurdi (Nutritionist & Parenting Educator). 

4 hrs
Date: will be on regular basis 
Can be presented for groups or in private sessions  .