How Applying Nutrition For Preconceived Couples Can Help?

Nutrition is important for both women and men during all their years of puberty

– which means including teenaged girls where nutrition is a major part of their maturity. Hard to conceive couples need to clean up their bodies, prepare a good sperm to fertile a healthy matured egg, whether they are trying to conceive naturally or by any of IVF procedures.

*** As known that fertility and the speed of conception depend on many factors some are psychological, some physical, some environmental and some are nutritional (where we will help).

Fertility is affected by your nutritional status, how???

Your body contains many hormones that are responsible for producing a healthy egg, producing a high quality sperms (including numbering, motility).
Most of our hormones are influenced to work effectively regarding to our type of diet, lifestyle such as being a smoker, lacking exercise, and eating junk food regularly.
All these can affect our hormones including sex hormones which are responsible for our puberty and fertility power.


Because this lifestyle is lacking of many key nutrients that are needed by our bodies for normal and health reproductive organs which at the end will produce a healthy baby.