Are You Natural Enough To Be A Good Parent ?

It was interesting hearing D.Shefali talking about natural parents where she mentioned ((Good parents are natural)) as one of parenting myths. She did explain it 100% true  when it comes to our consciousness as parents. Unfortunately some parents may read this sentence as a quote and use it without conscious of her point. Listening to this sentence let me educe a conversely another issue  for parents who are really in need to understand what does word NATURAL mean? especially when it comes to our Mena region cultures.
It's about to be who you are so you can teach your children to be what they are.
Parents do remove your masks to become more natural. Many parents wear a lot of masks only because they are imitating others or copying them, want to have the best image of themselves or their own children. While some read a lot, get many experts advices or participate in courses, they become confused what approach to follow.
And because they have many approaches they start to become more pretending between these approaches than actually adopting one. which finally led them to have these masks.
-You can try many -but separately- to find the best one that really works for you, your children and family.
- You have to be convinced by one expert's  approach, when you believe in the advice,  apply continously it will work.
-Once you find one stop searching.
-  Avoid all these and let it go like it should  be when it comes to natural  primitiveness...How?
In some cases such as gathering, meeting friends or in a birthday party you should expect :
- Children want to play 
- Children will cause a mess
- Will be loud 
- Clothes won't go back home same way  as they were.
There's a lot of masks that you are wearing, these masks simply are confusing your children about who you really are, whom they are dealing with and how to react each time. 
It is difficult to take off these masks in a community of judging, a community  where every one is keeping an eye on others, observing and watching. If we continue on this; our children will do the same and it will never stop to exhaust someone's back in a part of his/her life which will (and it is already happening to some of us) stop many from courage,  achievement and even dreaming.