How to maintain your kids weight at holidays


1-Manage their TV time:
Do you now that sleeping could burn more energy than watching TV!!! While you are sleeping body remains its physical work as metabolism, breathing, all works to stay surviving plus that you are moving while sleeping. The opposite is true when watching TV you are concentrating so you don’t move and most of this time you are eating and usually something not nutritious (we call it empty calories food as they just give calories without nutrients we need).

2-Try to limit (or even make your house empty of) any foods that are not nutritious and they can eat it in one bite such as candy, chips, lollypops…etc. It's impossible to hide the holidays sweet and chocolate remind them they will have it in every place they will go,
As these foods are forbidden in house you will expect a craving out home but believe me craving is already there SO at least make rules in your house.

3- Now when you make your 1st visit, before you come in just tell them it's still early to have these cookies and it will cause them abdominal pains or such things, when you leave don’t ask if they did what you want if they did not just play the role of the mother that should be respected ( ex: I told you don’t eat it  before we go in and you said yes mum but you didn’t do it  in front of people so you will not have another one in the next visit whither it's fine to have it or not).

4-Try to talk to them or let them hear (if they are 10 years old or older) that you are worry of the weight that you may carry after this holiday and that you will not eat sweets in each visit because you have to , you will have it at the end of the day if you are craving for something sweet.

5-Finally all previous rules will make this one easy, don’t worry if you are going to eat out home you will not control them and don’t forget it’s a holiday time. So just choose a nice place offering barbeque or foods with rice such as Chinese or Indian food without telling them the reason (these restaurants offering foods close to your lunch meal so your kid will have carbohydrates , vegetables, fruits, and a choice of meat - a healthy meal-  so no junk food).
If they refuse take them to have junk food but tell them that you will choose the restaurant next time.   

***REMEMBER that a holiday means full days of activities so you should MOVE, PLAY, GET ACTIVE, so you can lose calories and burn energy with them too. Staying at house and being lazy parents will push your kids to eat more because they are not enjoying their holiday.