Couples without Troubles (MYM)

Couples without Troubles -MANAGE YOUR MARRIAGE (MYM).

Many couples just don’t know what they will face after childbirth. What they assumed regarding to their closeness and love could proceed and increases for some and it could decreases gradually for another couple and fades away. It is just a two faces for same coin, and you decide how to use this this coin.
This course help couples especially who are expecting their first childbirth to learn some tools, and easy tricks ,supporting each other after the new visitor arrive, this will help them to succeed what we can call (post-baby couple).
This 6 hours’ course is divided on two days considered essential for all married couples, it will provide them with essential tips that will help both of them love each other with one heart beating inside (their baby). It is really designed to make you a couple without any trouble.
Two classes,
First one starts every Tuesday 3pm-6pm
The second class on next Saturday 10am-1pm
This arranged schedule can’t be changed as it depends on the course path that I designed to qualify your knowledge about your marriage during your transition from a couple to a parent.
-Every couple attending this workshop will have the opportunity for a private 1-1session discount after the childbirth.
-Who should attend?
Any couple loves each other and wants to keep this marriage while growing their family. Otherwise this course is not for you.
-Could be presented for groups (on the spot*), private tele-class , private or group online course.
*For on the spot: location and refreshment to be provided by the host agent/client.