Terms and conditions


-PCA, WE, and OUR   where ever mentioned refer to PARENT CHILD ACADEMY.

-Client where ever mentioned refers to one of the following regarding to the statement it exist in:

Single person.

Couple (two different people book one session, married or pre-married couple, parents, two brothers/sisters).

Group Refers to a group of people (more than two) attending a course, workshop or asking for any of our services. It also refers to societies, organizations, institutes, centers, schools and preschools.

You refer to any previous ones mentioned up.

-Services include sessions, classes, coaching, lectures, workshops, courses, consulting and talk in events which can be provided via online, phone, email enquiry, or on the spot.

***All points written down include any type of services you are seeking for and you should accept and agree these terms and condition to start your service.



-Whatever the service you choose and how to get it, you have to fill the application form and PCA have the rights to accept/refuse serving you.

-By filling the application you are responsible for all the information you did mention and all other information you did not mention (hide) and could be considerable when working with you. PCA serves you  depending on the type of information you provide.

-By filling the form, all your information, and all of what will be mentioned during your sessions will be confidential with the exception of issues arising that cause concern for the safety of child or any of the family members.

-By filing the form you accept and trust PCA services to satisfy your enquiry as PCA will know what you need exactly, you are not allowed to decide your need and judge PCA full fellness to your enquiry.*

*Because you may ask for PCA service for a reason or a problem that you think this is the issue, but we can help/guide you to title, specify it as it could be something else. Unless you choose to be coached for one of PCA’s fields it coaches for, or if you choose one of PCA‘s workshops and courses mentioned in our website.

- You are not allowed to use any of the materials, procedures, information used to be applied on someone else, as PCA services are only for your single use (as a private clients, or workshop/course attendee).. PCA don’t carry any responsibility of wrong, illegal using/application of it services and/or information, on yourself or else people.



By filling the form you agree as a client/s or attendee:

-You are ready, willing and able to be coached.

-You are responsible of the way implementing PCA information.

- You are responsible for your actions and the outcomes of your actions.

-You want to achieve your full potential as a parent and enjoy doing it.

-You understand that PCA don’t solve problems; it helps you to find your own way to solve it.

-You understand that PCA main mission is to educate, spread awareness, and coaching.

-PCA is not responsible for any private information you could mention in front of other attendees at any of it’s group services (lectures, workshops…etc.).

-You are not allowed to take photos in any group services, you are not allowed to use it in any social multimedia unless documented permission from PCA. PCA is the only one can use such photos on it’s website and Facebook. We have the right to judge anyone use our information or photos illegally.


-You agree and trust PCA when using any of payment procedures mentioned on our website.

-You understand that you should pay before receiving your service wither you choose online, tele-consult, or one to one, attending lectures/course/workshop. And we will send you a form of approval for receiving your payments. For one to one live/on the spot sessions, workshops, or courses you can ask for printed receipt for your payments.

-Groups and/or couples planning for a workshop, course, lecture or event have the right to change their date one time only, with notice that payments should be paid one month before the event day.*

* Any cancellation from your side means that PCA will cut only 50% of your payments.

*Any cancellation from our side means we will get you back all your payments.

*Changing event date two times equals cancellation or extra fees will be added.

-Married and pre-married couples, parents or single clients (any attendees not named under a group) planning for a courses, workshops that need many sessions can skip the dates only two times during that course with a condition that all attendees in the group skip it together as PCA can’t make it up for single attendees., with noting that these classes are sequenced and more than two skips mean cancelling their course with no money refund, respecting for PCA time and schedules that are required and essential for other clients. Regarding to other services *

*-If you are a Single client you can skip only one session or change one class date during your course/workshop.

- You are committed to your session, class, consult, lecture date and time and know that no payments refund in PCA policy. Unless what mentioned before.

-Live/on the spot services :location and refreshments to be provided by the hosting client/agent.

-These terms and conditions related to your agreement with PCA to provide you with our services, these can be changeable but your agreement is always documented with the ones related to the date you sign your approval.

-I read all PCA’s terms and conditions for services agreement and I accept them all, and I agree to start the service I mentioned in my application form.